After price increases, is the Tesla Model 3 still affordably priced?

Tesla's recent price increases appear to have harmed the company less than they should have,

as the cheaper Tesla model is predicted to surpass the best-selling electric vehicle in the world by 2021, selling around 540,000 units.

The Model 3 is the least expensive Tesla,

but two price increases have raised doubts about its status as the least expensive electric vehicle.

Tesla's least costly car, the rear-wheel-drive Variant 3, now begins at $46,990, while its priciest model,

the Model X Tri Motor, received a $12,500 price rise, from $126,490 to $138,990.

The prices increased by 5–10%. While the Model Y price increased by $2,000 to $62,990,

the Model 3 Performance price increased by $3,000 to $67,990.