Here's What the 2023 Hyundai Palisade XRT Will Cost

The Palisade's newest trim level, the 2023 Hyundai Palisade XRT, is a rough variant of the Palisade's otherwise clean appearance.

This SUV model adds certain off-road capabilities and has a rugged appearance. Here is the pricing of the 2023 Hyundai Palisade XRT and what is included in the price.

The base price of the 2023 Hyundai Palisade XRT is $41,545. This is over $5,000 more than the base model Hyundai Palisade,

but more than $10,000 less than the Palisade's highest trim level, the Calligraphy.

If you love the Palisade XRT's outdoorsy aesthetic and performance, the price is justified.

The base model of the 2023 Hyundai Palisade costs $36,245, while the Calligraphy model costs $52,095.

The Hyundai Palisade XRT features the same engine as all previous Palisades: a 3.8-liter V6 engine with 291 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque. Additionally,