The Real Reason Tesla Model 3 Prices Are Higher Than Ever

The central argument of the text is that all Tesla automobiles, including the Model 3,

are expensive due to global inflation, rising customer demand, limited supply, and a few administrative obstacles.

Tesla's Model X, Model S, and Model 3 have all experienced considerable price increases since their launch.

The average price of a new EV has climbed considerably since the Nissan Leaf heyday due to Tesla's market supremacy,

pricey models from other automakers, and the growth of enormous batteries.

In addition to growing demand, another reason driving up the price of Tesla models is the expense of the battery packs that power them.

Considering that Tesla's more affordable vehicle is projected to be the best-

selling electric vehicle globally by 2021, with sales of around 540,000 units,

it suggests that Tesla has not suffered as much as other manufacturers from the price increase of the Tesla over the years.