Why Repairing and Maintaining a Tesla Model 3 is the Most Cost-Effective Option

The Drivern analysed the three-year ownership costs of gas-powered autos and a rear-wheel-drive (RWD) Tesla Model 3.

An further issue to consider is that the cost of ownership differences between a Tesla Model 3 and a conventional gas car rise year.

The average annual servicing cost for a Model 3 or Model 4 is $5,867, which is more than that of any other premium carmaker.

Consequently, depending on the services you require, your Tesla maintenance costs may be more or lower from one year to the next.

In comparison to other luxury brands, the Model 3 Tesla will cost you $1,796.89 over the course of two years.

Given that it begins nearly $4,000 ahead of the Tesla in Year 6,

it is inconceivable that any new premium vehicle will be more economical to maintain.